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NACT View 02: Nohara Tsukiji, Nezumikke

January 12 (Thu), 2023 - May 29 (Mon), 2023

NACT View 02: Nohara Tsukiji, NezumikkeFlyer image
© Nohara Tsukiji

The National Art Center, Tokyo has launched the NACT View series, a project utilizing the Center’s public area since 2022. The space, while spectacular in impact, is elaborately designed down to the smallest detail by architect Kurokawa Kisho. Emerging and mid-career artists, designers, architects, and filmmakers will be invited to present a variety of contemporary works in the space, which resembles a public plaza where many visitors pass through or linger and enjoy leisure time.
The second edition features Nohara Tsukiji (born in 1994), an animation artist who explores new terrain in videos that combine live action with animated images, projection mapping, and other works based on the theme of a fusion of two and three dimensions.

From May 10 (Wed), a special version of the projection mapping animation will be exhibited as a part of the early exhibition viewing program of “Roppongi Art Night 2023” .
One new target (AR animation) has been added to “Nezumikke AR”.


January 12 (Thu), 2023 – May 29 (Mon), 2023

Closed on Tuesdays
*Open on March 21 (Tue.), May 2(Tue.) and closed on March 22 (Wed.) instead

Opening Hours

Follows the opening hours of the National Art Center, Tokyo


Various sites within the National Art Center, Tokyo
7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8558

Organized by

The National Art Center, Tokyo

Admission (tax included)



(+81) 47-316-2772 (Hello Dial)

Artist Profile

Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Highlights

Projection Mapping That Accentuates the Building’s Architectural Features
The animated mouse that scurry around freely all over the Center accentuate the architecture’s interesting forms.

Watch AR Animation as You Explore the Building
Using a special AR app, this participatory virtual exhibition enables visitors to enjoy augmented reality animation with their smartphone or tablet.

Work Commentaries

Nezumikke, Projection Mapping and Augmented Reality (AR) Animation
In this exhibition, the second installment in the NACT View series, eye-catching, vividly colored mouse appear in various places throughout the building. The main display consists of projection mapping in two spaces: the café space in the center of the entrance lobby, and the passageway that connects Nogizaka Station and the building. When visitors take a look around the area, they are sure to catch sight of mouse moving here and there in unexpected places. The mouse stroll leisurely through the architect Kurokawa Kisho’s unique structure, drawing attention to the entire space. In addition, by making use of a special app designed for the exhibition, visitors can enjoy watching augmented reality (AR) animation on their smartphone or tablet. Search for the “targets” (marks that were already on the floor or newly installed panels) as you walk through the building.

Nezumikke AR“ app download URL
*Some models are not supported.


NACT View 02 築地のはら ねずみっけ_リーフレット表紙.jpg

NACT View 02 Nohara Tsukiji Nezumikke [7.38MB]

Graphic Design: Mariko Okazaki (REFLECTA, Inc.)

What Is NACT View?

NACT View is a new series of small projects made by young to mid-career creators working in a variety of genres, such as fine art, design, architecture, and film, that are presented in the Centerʼs public spaces. The name of the series is made up of the English acronym for the National Art Center, Tokyo, and the word “view,” whose meanings include “gaze,” “landscape,” “viewpoint,” and “way of thinking.” The Centerʼs public spaces are places that are accessed by a wide range of people, including not only visitors to the exhibitions, but also patrons of the facilityʼs café, restaurant, and library as well as those who are merely pass through the building. By displaying works in these spaces, NACT View strives to give all of the facilityʼs visitors an opportunity to become more familiar with contemporary expressions in a casual manner. Plans are also underway to hold related workshops and talk events related to the series.