My Koinobori Now! 2020 #MuseumFromHome

In Japan it will be “Children’s Day” soon! You can celebrate at home having fun creating your original koinobori! Created for visitors to make their own paper koinobori, the “Koinobori Kit” was available in the “hands-on experience corner” of the Koinobori Now! Installation by Reiko Sudo, Adrien Gardère and Seiichi Saito exhibition held in 2018. Loved by children and adults alike, this kit was also used in the “My Koinobori Now! 2019” workshop that took place in April last year, where more than 200 people had fun making their own koinobori. We had planned on holding the workshop again during these Golden Week holidays but sadly, due to the spread of COVID-19, it had to be cancelled as the NACT is now temporarily closed and we are all asked to refrain from going out. Then, to allow everybody to enjoy this workshop from their homes, we decided to make it available online instead. Not only you can download the kit for your “My Koinobori Now!” with its patterned pieces of paper, but you can also have fun using all sorts of colorful paper bits you have at home. This year on the 5th of May, celebrate Children’s Day decorating your home with your original koinobori!

the “Koinobori Kit” at the “Koinobori Now!” Exhibition (2018)
Finished koinobori samples created with the “Koinobori Kit” at the “Koinobori Now!” Exhibition (2018)

My Koinobori Now! 2020 How to create your own at home

(1)Print the Koinobori base on an A4 sheet of paper and cut it out along the outer frame lines.

【If you do not have a printer or want to create one from scratch】
Cut out a 9 cm × 25.5 cm rectangle from a piece paper (a thicker type of paper is best), then cut out a triangle from the right end to create the tail. Finally, 6 cm away from the left edge, draw three straight lines of about 16 cm.

(2)Apply double-sided tape on the three lines. If you do not have double-sided tape, just apply some glue before step (4) instead.

(3)Print out the patterned pieces of paper and cut them out.

【If you want to use paper that you already have at home】
Find old magazines, leaflets, wrapping paper, and such that you have at home and do not need anymore. Now have fun and cut out all the "paper bits" you want to use in 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm squares. You will need about 20 for 1 koinobori.

(4)Arrange your bits of paper on the koinobori base while thinking about which direction you want the papers to go and the order in which to apply them. After deciding how to arrange them, peel the back off the double-sided tape (or apply glue if you do not have double-sided tape) and stick the bits of paper you chose. You can also stack the bits of paper or fold their edges for a three-dimensional effect.

(5)After having pasted all your bits of paper, don't forget to draw your koinobori's eye with a pen or colored pencil. Now your original koinobori is finished!

How did your “My Koinobori” turn out?
Get creative and feel free to share it on your social media!
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