Timeless Conversations 2020: Voices from Japanese Art of the Past and Present Let's make paper-crafts!

For everybody to enjoy the Timeless Conversations 2020: Voices from Japanese Art of the Past and Present exhibition at home as well, the National Art Center, Tokyo has made available online a paper-craft PDF, featuring artworks by Tanada Koji and Shiriagari Kotobuki.
With just a printer, anyone can make this paper-craft, whether they've seen the exhibition or not. Different from reading a catalogue or watching a computer screen, why not having fun making this craft and decorating your home with the results, enjoying the artworks with this new experience?

You will need

Scissors, cutter, cutter mat, glue stick
*If you don't have a cutter mat, use a sheet of thick paper or cardboard instead.

How to make the paper-craft

(1) Print out the paper-craft PDF in full size.
* Fits an A4 paper.
* For a sturdier paper-craft use thicker paper (about 0.22 mm).

(2) Carefully cut out each piece using scissors or a cutter.

(3) Let’s create the pedestals.
Take one of the long and narrow stripes and use glue on the areas marked with "のり" to form a loop. The point is to glue it so that the edges, marked with "★", overlap exactly on the dotted line.

(4) Next, cut along the red line in the middle of one of the parts that looks like a gear and then fold along the dotted line. If you use the cutter to make a shallow incision along the dotted line it will fold neatly.

(5) Stick together the parts made in (3) and (4) with glue. They are easier to assemble if you push the pedestal base into the loop from underneath.

(6) Let's create a support to help the photos stand.
Fold along the dotted lines and glue the areas marked with "のり" together, so that the same symbols overlap.

(7) Glue the supports made in (6) on the back of the photos, which are marked with “Ⓐ”.

(8) With the front of the photos facing the side of the pedestals with the exhibition logo, insert the photos into the notches and the craft it's done!

Where did you place the finished craft to decorate your home?
Feel free to share pictures of your paper-crafts on your social media!
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