Art Library

The National Art Center collects books, magazines, journals, exhibition catalogs, and other materials related to the arts. We have two libraries at the National Art Center: the Art Library, located on the third floor of the Main Building, and the Art Library Annex, located on the first floor of the Annex. If you are not certain where the materials you are looking for are located, please ask the counter staff at the Art Library. Our materials are made available to everyone free of charge for on-site reading.


The following materials are available.

Art Library (Main Building 3F)
  • Exhibition catalogs published after 1946
  • Books and magazines in the fields of modern and contemporary art published after 1946
  • Books and magazines in the fields of contemporary art-related topics (architecture, media art, photography, design)
  • Newsletters from art and other museums (materials from the last two years are available; back issues can be accessed in the Art Library Annex)
  • Collection catalogs
  • Art reference books
Art Library Annex (Annex 1F)
  • Exhibition catalogs published prior to 1945
  • Books and magazines in the fields of modern and contemporary art published prior to 1945
  • Books in the fields of art and books from related fields
  • Discontinued magazines and journals
  • Newsletters, annual reports, and bulletins from other museums (back issues)
  • Microfilms, Microfiches
  • Materials on the “Artist File” Exhibitions held at the NACT
  • Fragile or valuable materials (by advance appointment only)
Please note that some materials require advance appointment.



  • We are not able to answer questions about our materials via telephone.
  • Taking materials outside the library is not allowed.
  • We are unable to accept bills larger than 1,000 yen for photocopying fees, and we cannot change larger bills.
  • When you wish to use your own PC, please inform the counter staff. Please note that there is no power outlet for charging in the library.
  • Please do not use cell phones or cameras. Taking photographs (e.g. of the materials and anywhere inside) in the library is prohibited.
  • Please do not eat, drink, or smoke in the library.
  • Please do not disturb other users and refrain from speaking in a loud voice or acting in a violent manner.
  • Please do not use any writing implements other than pencils in the library.
  • Please refrain from using the library for any purpose other than the reading of materials from our collection.
  • You will be required to pay compensation when you lose, damage or write on any of the library materials.
  • In case of an emergency, please follow the directions of staff.

(The following rules apply only to the Art Library Annex.)

  • Please fill in the user’s list when you enter the reading room.
  • You may bring in only necessities such as pencils, erasers, notebooks, and valuables. Please store your other belongings in the lockers.
  • We provide bags for carrying your necessities and valuables while in the reading room. Please inform the counter staff if you need it.

Collection Statistics

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Periodicals (including Museums' reports and bulletins )
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As of March 31, 2018